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We warmly welcome you to our school website for an insight into our unique school alhamdulilah.

Ummul Mumineen Academy is a full-time girls independent school for ages 8-16 years based in Cardiff, Wales. It was established in 2007 as a private tuition centre.

Small but dedicated, this set the foundation for the reputation we have built up to this day.

We are proud to say that our skills and expertise have expanded and flourished since then, and encouraged by our humble achievements, we registered as an independent girls’ primary and secondary school in 2016.

At UMA we value our strong links and partnerships with our parents and the community at large.

All teachers are united in their passion for combining education with nurturing in an Islamic environment as a means of gaining the best out of our students.





Alhamdulilah I am very fortunate that we have an environment to provide our daughters. I am a mother of 4 boys and I’m grateful that I have a place for my daughter to attend which is safe and islamic. My daughter has blossomed into a young lady and looks forward to meeting her sisters and teachers every day . I can’t imagine her going anywhere else. May Allah continue to bless the teachers for all their hard work and protect the next generation ameen.


MashAllah TabarakAllah I've noticed such an amazing change in my daughter both educationally, well-being and happiness since starting Ummul Mumineen September 2016.


Alhamdulilah my 2 daughters attend and we are very happy with the islamic environment and progression of the school. Seeing my daughter progress from year 7 as a young girl to now year 10 a young lady has been very rewarding and the best decision I made to put her in UMA.


Alhamdulilah my daughter has attended UMA since year 4, she has not only enjoyed it, but she has learned so much. Her recent assessment results showed this. I'm so happy and pleased with the overall package that UMA offer. May Allah continue to aid and bless it ameen


The school has helped my daughter achieve a lot in the short time she been there and not just in academic knowledge she has grown in confidence through the teachers promoting good strong role models for her to follow. I am proud of her and very thankful to the school.

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