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About Ummul Mumineen Academy


At UMA we do not judge excellence purely by grades but a combination of manners, exemplary character, attendance and effort.

Our intention at UMA is to promote a positive ethos in the school through encouraging a shared understanding of our values.  Values which combine nurturing and respect for the society that we live in – mutual respect for peers, neighbours and the wider community taught through implementing an islamic environment.

All teachers are united in their passion to create an environment that encourages and recognises good behaviour and one in which everyone feels happy and safe.

All students are given the best individual support to help them excel to the best of their ability in all subjects.

UMA strongly endeavours to help pupils develop self-respect, self-control and accountability for their own behaviour and to further promote self-esteem through success, positive relationships and awareness of how our behaviour impacts on ourselves and others.

We believe that the partnership between home and school is a crucial element in the teaching and nurturing of all our students.

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